Friday, July 16, 2010

Nkhensani Nkosi - Uber Fashion Cherrie

I have always admired Nkhensani Nkosi’s achievements in the fashion industry and even though I cannot always afford to buy her label (Stoned Cherrie), I am still a big fan. I am planning to wear a dress from her label for my traditional wedding (whenever that will be?!) as a treat for myself for my special day.

When I saw her on the cover of this month’s DESTINY magazine, I immediately picked it up and bought it and I was not disappointed after reading the feature about her. She always comes across as approachable, grounded, friendly and optimistic and because she always shares all the challenges that she has been through and faced in her journey with her fashion label, it reminds us that she’s normal and not the uber fashion queen I sometimes imagine her to be. I love and admire her style, she doesn’t always follow trends which is what makes her always stand out .

Below is the behind the scenes footage of her cover shoot for DESTINY magazine. It provides further insight into the wonderful, South African fashion icon that Nkhensani is.

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